Zhenghe specialize in aluminum alloy product die casting mold, probing into how to improve mold life, geting better productivity of die casting,decreasing usage failure rate.

Zhenghe would select steel hardness and surface treatment material based on the product structure, wall thickness, process, altitude and products using requirements.

Zhenghe¡¯s engineers are experienced, supporting a comprehensive development concept. Our engineers believe that the mold design is paramount, attaching great importance to mold making processes, trying to make the best mold.

Zhenghe will design the drawing and assemble the mold only if customer provide sample, 2D drawing, 3D drawing in DXF£¬DWG£¬PRT£¬SAT£¬IGES£¬STEP formats

Zhenghe Machiney will apply CAD/CAM/CAE and other international advanced computer design system in designing the drawing and assembling mold.

Technical advantages£º

Mold design insist on five principles£ºensure the structure strength, reasonable flow, sufficient cooling, sufficient exhaust, zero breakdowns.

We use advanced softwares and make full use of simulation mold flow analysis for products to confirm the rationality of design.